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>> UPDATED: 11/11/2017 – One of our contributors has informed us that a better email to use is that of Joe Sussman, Ph.D., F.ASME  (ABET Chief Accreditation Officer). We have personally checked that this is the case directly from the ABET website.  So please forward your emails or for those who have not written yet, please do so today to

ABET: Final Call:

It does not matter if you are in the Engineering/Math/CN department or not. We call on all of you: Business, LAD, EPP, Administrators, employees, Sports, and Ex-AUMers. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Everyone needs to take action immediately. This week’s ABET visit is our last chance.  Get writing for our sake and the sake of those who were terminated. Use your private social media accounts to spread the news. The blog has now moved into hyper-mode. We need to act NOW by emailing who are bound by international law to respect your anonymous emails. ABET is likely to be impressed by the structures and labs, but they need to appreciate the modern life slavery and toxic environment behind the scenes. The management knows they are in trouble, that is why Mohanad was moved ONLY for this visit. So do not be fooled, he will be back once they go.

The one thing that Fahd and Mohanad want more than anything else is the ABET accreditation. Fahd wants to have something to match his institution to that of GUST (see our post). They will listen to what the accreditation will say. Accreditations, if granted, will always come with conditions attached. These conditions could be:

  • Improve Teaching: reduce teaching hours for faculty, smaller classes, change and reduction of assessments, and focusing on quality and not quantity intakes of students. Drop that stupid, each instructor grades one question, 15 assessments per course, and tons and tons of forms!  These have a huge impact on quality of teaching.
  • Enhance Research: granting research time, appropriate funding, an open and consistent policy that encourages research. What happened to the research money????
  • Humane treatment: a look at the turnover, firings, locking up from 8 to 5, the issue of ‘out of office permission’, inhumane hours, forced overtime teaching, work pressures, unpaid overtime work, academic activity, unjustified terminations, pay discrimination, lack of holiday (time to have a holiday), respect to faculty, and much more.

Stick to facts and keep any emotions out of it. You know this place needs to change. This is our last chance to pen an email. It will take you  15 minutes to create an email and send it. Is that too much?  Think of the stress it causes you and your family. Think of your colleagues who are suffering, those who are fleeing, and for those who got fired with no explanation. If things do not change you will be next, it is just a matter of time. If you want to change, you need to act.

PLEASE Act now! Make the management know we are not animals and Fahd is not GOD!


​AUM Grading Scam by AUM Doctor S

In a previous post I discussed the crazy number of assessments that each faculty member had to prepare and grade. However, this is not a grading scheme. Instead it is a coverup for the grading scam. Here is why:

In the past AUM management were directly playing around with the grades without the knowledge of the instructor — particularly with the fundamental math and science courses. Faculty were forced to sign the upgraded grades that are artificially lifted by the management. Later on the policy has changed to provide more cover up in such a way that at the end of the semester the faculty members are forced to increase their grades. This has happened with basic math and science courses. At the end those who should not continue their studies were pushed to keep going on although they suffered a lot for several years and AUM made money out of their suffering. After all the math is simple: 6000 KD x 5-6 years at AUM is about 30K-40K loss per each failed student. Nobody wants to loose that money.

Now, realizing the revolution within, the management has introduced a new policy and communicated to the department heads: The new policy is to make sure that all averages are between 70 to 80. Yes. that is the new rule forced by the math “department head” who used to talk about integrity (before becoming department head). All math faculty is trying to figure out how to get this average. One genius suggested doubling the scores. Another suggested to start grading with a minimum of 50.  Any method is acceptable as long as you reach the magic average score of 75.

In order to better cover up the grading scam and to make sure that the faculty suffers enough, the new grading policy is that everyone will grade one question. So, if you are teaching 2-3 courses that means you will be grading about 1000 to 2000 papers for midterms and probably more for the final exam. And the “head” is expecting quality grading with smooth grading experience. There is a group grading scam where each faculty member (FM) is forced to abide by the group rules to boost the grades or expect to get mobbed —especially if you are not Turkish. There is even a random threat in the emails stating that you will get warning letters if things are not finished on time.

More on details will come soon…

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Where is the money? By Anonymous

Summer Money? How it was calculated? How it should have been calculated?
Right now everyone is wondering what’s up with the summer money. That is rumor going on. How it was calculated? How it should have been calculated? Am I going to get paid for Eid Holidays? After all, we are all here for a reason 🙂
I will try to answer a few of these questions. Note that my calculations are based on my readings and may not be the best ones. Assume a salary of 2500 KD.

Q1) How much I should have received for my summer break? 

A1) If you did not teach in the summer and you were given 60 days of break, that amounts to 2500 x 60 / 26 = 5770 KD. 

If you were teaching in the summer and took the leave from July 30 until September 9, then you had 42 days of holiday which amounts to 2500 x 42 / 26 = 4040 KD. Your remaining balance of 18 days will be paid extra and that amounts to 1730 KD.

Q2) How much I earned extra by staying in the summer school? 

A2) If you did not teach in the summer you should have earned 14 days from June, 60 days of holiday, 13 days in August, and full salary in September. That is 2500 x ((14+60+13)/26 + 1) = 2500 x 4.346 = 10865 KD.

If you teach in the summer then you earned full salary in June and July, summer leave salary in Aug, unpaid balance from 60 days, and 18 days from September.  That is 2500 x (1 + 1 + 42/26 + 18 / 26 + 18/26) = 2500 x 5 = 12500.

There is a difference of 1635 KD. That is how much you earned extra by staying for that crazy summer term instead of enjoying family vocation.

Q3) What about EID holidays?

According to Kuwait Labor Law Article 70, official holidays and sick leaves during vocation period cannot be counted towards annual leave.  Eid holiday is 3 days for each Eid. No one has received any word about it. Is it forgotten by HR? Well, not by the faculty. So far, everyone is silent about it but all have expectations. I am pretty sure the word will spread soon for a collective action.
Q4) Is there a game changer here?

Yes. There is a game changer! AUM has a policy to include all weekends towards annual leave. Kuwait was the only country in GCC that allowed companies to follow such policies. Now, this has changed thanks to the recent law passed in July 9, 2017, which states that besides official holidays, and sick leaves, weekends shall no longer be counted in the annual leave. That is a big game changer and can add about 60 / 7 x 2 = 18 days to your annual leave if both Friday and Saturday is counted. or at least 9 days if only Friday is counted. 
Here is a commentary by attorney Fajer Ahmed:

If anyone can post the official Arabic version of the new law, that would be great. Any questions? Feel free to ask.

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Updated Grading Scheme! by AUM Doctor S

AUM Assessment Factory
AUM Assessment Factory

Life at AUM goes from bad to worse, now we get our inspirations from the EPP!!


4% x 5 quizzes = 20%. Supposed to be pop-up but everyone knows the dates and even timings. Make 4 versions of each. If you are teaching 5 sections then do the Math (or Stat or both) : You will be preparing 5 quizzes x 4 versions x 5 sections = 100 quizzes per semester!


Group projects: 10% x 3 deliverables = 30%. Groups of 2, 3, 4, or 5 depending on the mood of instructor!

If you are smart find someone smarter than you to be in the same group. If not keep asking for grades. Haram doctor! Haram! Maybe you can get some grades. Make 4 versions of each.

If you are teaching 5 sections then do the Math (or Stat or both): You will be preparing 3 PBLs x 4 versions x 5 sections = 60 PBLs per semester!


Midterm = 20%

Final = 20%

This is the new innovation at AUM.
The management decided to apply EPP style grading and have an exam week.

Innovation comes from EPP at AUM 🙂 What happened to Nano-Tech lab???

Updates will come soon as we see how the Mid Terms will be handled.

Make 4 versions of each. You do the Math (or Stat or both) depending on how many courses you teach 🙂
Class Participation
Attendance = 5%. Just show up. Dare to change attendance? Get ready to fill ridicoulous amount of forms. 

Assignment Sweatshops:

Homework/Project/Class Activity / Anything that has a cool name

Pay per Grade = 5%

This can be anything based on department. Your grade is more or less based on how much you pay for what you did.

This is actually good for Kuwaiti economy. We are helping to create a shadow economy thanks to these kinds of assessments.

Good luck to us all. Let’s see how many of us will survive this semester and can even see the end of academic year. Based on last years’ experience I expect up to 80% survival rate.

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The Story of AUM: The Beginning, By The Legend 27

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer vacation, except of course, the poor working staff of AUM whom are still working there and seeking jobs, the new employees, and the ones freed from their chains. Also, the –well deserved—poor management which is trying to catch the brave blogs and catch whoever is leaking information from inside the golden castle.

The story this week would be about AUM itself and how it began. First of all let’s talk about the foundation of the problem itself. In 2007-2009, Kuwait has faced a problem in which is the growth rate of graduate high school students in Kuwait. Usually, according to constitution of Kuwait, the country has to fund and teach its citizens. Students used to go either to GUST (a real education institute that AUM hates so much), ACK (a real Australian University), AUK (A real American University and accredited by many organization and is related to the American Education Fund), some minor educational institutions, The Public Authority for Applied Education & Training, or of course Kuwait University. Before HUMANSOFT established AUM, it was dependent on Expression Training Center and New Horizon, both training institutes; and that’s why you have AUM using the training methods instead of actual education, they are just a bigger scale of the previous companies they established. In 2009, Kuwait University couldn’t keep up with seats during that time and saw that the problem was going to get bigger and bigger until 2010-2011, the problem became a real threat and that was the time, AUM had its first huge building in 2012. So the country had to either send them abroad or wait in line for the next seats to be available at Kuwait University. So that made a huge problem in the country. The problem was going to get worse year by year. HUMANSOFT and other private universities went to get their accreditation from the government and ministry of education so they can proceed. AUM at that time was just ACM; a small institute that gives diplomas for low level graduates and anyone who had money in fact. In 2008 during the great global recession, the market was affected and the AUM dream went to fade for a little. But, in 2010-2011, that dream came back after Al-Ahli bank agreed to provide the necessary loans for HUMANSOFT after they saw how much of a big project this would be considering the space of the land that was provided. In 2012, that dream came to reality and the first building was finished and ready to operate in September 2012.

But now, you would say “why didn’t the government build a bigger space for Kuwait University?” well, they are. But in 2008, one of the companies that are doing this mega project had a crisis, which is mostly related to big families in Kuwait and until this day, they are suffering. The project of the new campus of Kuwait University is gigantic; one of the biggest in the region. The project is the most expensive university in HUMAN HISTORY! Worth more than 10 BILLION DOLLARS! As you can see, that this project is very very huge and the government is waiting for it to be finished, well, that was in 2012 after postponing the deadline until it reached 2018. The company now is losing and a lot of problems are there, you think AUM is bad? Imagine not getting paid your salary for 12 months at least and not being able to even resign. This has added a lot of motivation for AUM to get this opportunity. Very smart indeed, however, when you only think about money without proper education, well, that’s just unethical, don’t you think? The project timeline to finish is 2025 at least according to our intel in the market. Yes, we have connections in high positions and people who won’t just stand still while AUM ruins education in this country, plus, it’s bad for business for other areas in Kuwait. It is a fact that this university will stand still no matter what because of their enormous capacity and the number of seats they have and allowed by the PUC each year. There is no choice. However, AUM is getting pressed on because of the bad level of management that is happening and blogs that are exposing the bad management. AUM will soon face difficulties in hiring people. The students won’t stop coming because they don’t have a choice, neither does the PUC, so the only solution for this university is to actually give the management to someone who is capable. Ask the help from Purdue University, they can provide you with advice, but the management already knows that such interventions means cutting down the number of seats, increasing the number of staff, invest in research, and collaborate with local institutes. Of course, any scholar or academic level person would understand, but for this university, it means, having lower profits which is bad for them.

I would like to conclude with these facts to the management of the university. Focus on the long term goal of the university, profits of the university is not an indication of its success, lead by example and not with fear, think about the future of Kuwait and the students you are providing the country with to build its future, don’t over glorify the place without glorifying the actual programs you are providing, invest more in the employees; stop running the place like a business, this is a university, let academic people lead the place.

Also, a message to the blogs, I hope everyone feels well after they were freed from this university or has found a better place for their talents. We request the blogs to tune it down a little bit, throwing insults does not make you professional, we feel you, and we understand you. In the end, everything will be alright. Posting insults or taking pictures of the “enemies” is making your cause harder. If you find any information from the inside that we might or might not know, you can post and share. Some information was actually very useful to us. Our team will have a meeting soon to discuss the latest updates, if you have any updates with you, please share. It is your right of freedom of speech.


The Legend 27

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Disclaimer: The contents of this post do not intend to harm or harass any person, company, or institution of any kind. This post is intended to spread awareness and rejection of actions that are labeled as illegal in the International Human Rights Act, Kuwait Constitution Rights, and the Labor Law of Kuwait.

The Man’s child by AUMlover

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, the Man called for an urgent meeting with all his slaves (aka: Deans/Heads/Team Leaders). The meeting revolved around greatness of his majesty and vision. As every meeting has a story, this time it was rather personal as it involved one of his own children. His majesty was told: your child cannot keep up with peers academically and does not seem to be able to grasp a good understanding of the lessons. His majesty did not like the teacher’s assessment and how dare s/he question the abilities of the great child or give feedback that is less than perfect?!

His majesty took it very personally and seriously and flew the child to one of the worlds most famous medical centers in the USA to get the poor child checked. Everything checked out fine, his majesty got a certificate stating that the child doesn’t suffer any diseases and went back to the teacher to prove them wrong.

This story has been narrated by his majesty first hand.

A couple of thoughts to reflect upon here:

1-the medical center happens to be operated by one of the top US universities that his majesty belittles its achievements and history in almost every meeting. So, why go there?

2- Is this whole story a reflection of vulnerability and low self esteem to take a teacher’s feedback to such extent? Seriously? The only acceptable feedback is ‘your child is a genius’? Or is this ego and ignorance at a new level?

Thoughts and opinions are welcome and encouraged but please be respectful.

Who is Mohaned? By AUMdaddy

AUM reviews

Mohaned Hassanin (AUM provost) is the subject of our investigation. He is a member of the executive management of Human Soft which is the mother company that created ACM and AUM. Is Dr. Hassanin a real doctor? Well the answer is no, he is not a PhD holder and yet they keep on calling him doctor that even he himself believed it.

He was a high school teacher before joining the kiss-ass team that was formed around Fahad AlOsman (Chairman) and since he’s good at kissing ass, well guess what, he got promoted to hold managerial positions within human soft. Actually the chairman does not want qualified people around him, he simply wants “yes-men” who are willing to swallow whatever shit he throws at them.
After creating ACM, the chairman, known for his micro-management, had to recycle his old management team from Human Soft (Mohaned, Dalal, Atiqi etc.) because again he doesn’t want qualified people to run the institution. And actually he is totally right, why do you need smart people to run a fake university? Haven’t you noticed the quality of our students yet? Why on earth do you need any better than Mohaned Hassanin to run this bad show?
So to cut a long story short, he appointed them to the university’s high management positions. Imad Atiqi became president of AUM (yes yes we have a president even though no one told you about him and you never saw him, and the odds are you never even heard his name before). Mohaned became, oh wait a minute this man knows no shit so what position do we give him? Hmm, OK problem solved! Let’s create a new position that doesn’t exist, like that no one can ever say that this man is not fit for it, well because the position is so brand new so how can you say he is not fit?
This position is CLO: Chief learning Officer. Oh yeahhh and here’s when the fun began. Mohaned started inventing the most bureaucratic system and the heaviest protocols ever known to man kind. He created forms and tons of forms and even more forms that needs some other forms to be attached with them. ACM/AUM became form-land. But wait a minute what did he do learning-wise? Wasn’t he the chief learning officer? The answer is easy, he didn’t do a shit about it because he is not qualified for that so they had to hire someone qualified enough to do the real thing and this is when they hired Dr. Safty.
Mohaned didn’t like Safty from the very beginning because unlike him Safty was a real university academic and at least he has a PhD. Mohaned, I remind you does not hold a PhD and he has never done any research in his life. Go Google his name, where are his publications? (let me open a parallel here, do you remember once when Safty decided that all faculty should open a google scholar account? Everyone was forced to open one. The only person who didn’t do it was Mohaned. Why? Because he is NOT a scholar and didn’t want to expose himself. Rumor had it that Safty came up with this idea to expose Mohaned).
Anyway, days went by and Mohaned succeeded on poking the chairman against Safty and he succeeded on throwing Safty away with his whole team. A new title was given to Mohaned now: “Provost”. What an irony to appoint a provost that had never done any research in his life and that does not hold a degree other than a bachelor that he got from the banana republic.
At this point, Mohaned replaced almost all the head of departments by new ones. Some of the old head of departments were bad some were good, but they were all replaced by worse and none of them was replaced by a better one. Look at industrial engineering for example, even though they have some amazing faculty members, but noooo the head of department should be one that everyone hates. Computer engineering department, no comment …, business? Oh boy better not talk about it. He appointed people who have no experience in teaching as head of departments. Science? same shit! LAD, same shit. Math department? He picked the most hated and unqualified one. Rumor from math department has it that Ajak the head of department is totally controlled by another shadow guy called Anal (I’m not sure about the spelling but I am not implying any sexual meaning to his name), so Anal is totally controlling all Ajak’s decisions including scheduling and course assignments etc. Another rumor has it that Anal is paving his way with Mohaned to replace Ajak in the very near future.
Currently a new change is under its way because Mohaned finished his role as a vacuum cleaner at AUM and is now preparing his return to ACM. The current useless dean will take over as a Provost and some totally unqualified guy will be picked for the role of dean.
Mohaned, our dear hated one, we dare you telling us from which university you got your PhD from and point us to some of your publications.

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